Catherine Eva Schandl, B.A. Honours, M.Ed., is a North American
author of Hungarian origin. Her books are available at Amazon sites worldwide. Her historical research includes documents and memoirs
more than half a century old, and her books focus on British Intelligence
(SIS) in World War II  Hungary.
Her father's best friend, Gabor Haraszty/Haraszti, aka SIS agent ALBERT, was the Head agent
of SIS in Budapest.

Catherine is the author of the well received book 
Sword of the Turul,
which is included on the site of the International Raoul Wallenberg
Foundation, due to its historical merit. In addition, it was featured in the
2006 special volume of the "Wallenberg Bulletin" and is a selection of the Forbes Book Club. The book can also be found in Yad Vashem library.
Along with part of her research, it was used as one of the main sources
for an article about Raoul Wallenberg's intelligence contacts in Hungary
in the Swedish newspaper
Dagens Nyheter.

The London-Budapest Game (August 2007) is sequel to "Sword of
the Turul." Based on the author's historical  research, "The London-
Budapest Game" offers a unique glimpse into the hidden world of the
British Secret Intelligence Service in Nazi-occupied Hungary - and the
shocking aftermath. Some allied agents and helpers narrowly escaped SMERSH, others were  killed, but a few were secretly imprisoned in
the Soviet Union, for years,

NEW: SWEDISH GOLD (Sept 2011), book 3 in the trilogy, has now
been released!


All Rights Reserved, C.Schandl
The London-Budapest Game (2007)
Sword of the Turul (2005)
Testimony of Karoly Schandl
Swedish Gold (2011)