Schandl, Karoly
Hungarian Statesman, Economist. State Secretary
of Agriculture (1921-1928,
in Count Bethlen's Cabinet), Lifetime Member of the Hungarian Upper House, author of books, founder of Szechenyi Society. President
of Hangya, National Credit Cooperative. Brother to Joseph, genetic engineer.
Schandl, Terezia (on left) Wife to Karoly Sr. (beside her in photo), mother of Karoly Jr. She was Chairwoman of the Board for 5 Hungarian Catholic charities. Hid Jewish refugees and provided them with false papers.
Schandl, Karoly Jr.
Only Son of Schandl Karoly, born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. Lawyer and a member of
anti-Nazi group led by his best friend Gabor Haraszty, British intelligence -  until his arrest and subsequent imprisonment
by Soviets in Lubyanka, Lefortovo, Vladimir prisons. Following his 11 year captivity,escaped to Canada, where he became a university professor.

The Schandls were a prominent Hungarian family who lived next door to Raoul Wallenberg's Swedish Embassy on Gellert Hill, Budapest. During World War II,
they hid and helped Jewish Hungarians. Records in the U.K. National Archives
show that the family was known by the British government to be Pro-British and
Anti-Fascist. The Schandls were known by the British due to their son's involvement
in the British Underground. When the war had ended, they were persecuted by both the Soviets and the Communist Hungarians, particularly Karoly Schandl Jr. (below right), who had been working with 
British Intelligence. The findings of the International Wallenberg Commission revealed that he was one of only 3 Hungarians secretly imprisoned in Vladimir prison, connected to missing Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. SMERSH interrogators had accused him of working for the British Intelligence Service and an "American spy" ...
This official photo of Karoly Schandl Sr. was taken by the father of Thomas Veres.Thomas Veres later became  Raoul Wallenberg's photographer.
Karoly Jr. at the Danube in Budapest,
1956, just after his release and just before he eluded the Soviets ...
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